BYTE-force is the team of professional software developers with specialization in custom web development.
Members of our team have more than 10 years of experience in:

  • Programming
  • Graphics design
  • Usability
  • Software testing
  • Web technologies

Basing on our expertise in creation of complex web projects, we can help you to choose technologies that suit your tasks best.

Our main specialization is the development and support of large web projects, ranging from corporate site to line-of-business web applications.
Most of our projects are on continuous support for more than 5 years.


Your business must be promoted in the Internet?
You probably need corporate site – most effective way of reaching your prospective and existing customers in any point of the world.

Corporate sites serve for difference commerce and informational purposes.
Create positive image of your company, tell customers about your products and services and increase their loyalty.


Site can earn money by itself – sell goods or provide services.
To achieve this it is necessary to elaborate business model, implement domain logic in a web site and integrate the site with payment operator.

If you already have online business and need it to be expanded and improved, we would be happy to help. In any case, describe your task to us and we will offer a solution.


Promo-site is an effective way of using narrowly focused information resource to promote a product, a service or an event. It serves like a printed handout that you do not need to print and distribute. In addition, you can change it at any moment. Moreover, it can be interactive!


We offers individually tailored support packaged for web projects.
A package contains certain number of man-hours of different specialist. For example, monthly support package could consist of 8 hours of software developer, 4 hours of graphics designer and 15 hours of copywriting.
You will have clear monthly budget for support and development of your project, and will understand a volume of tasks that can be completed.


More than 10 years of experience in web development.
Main development platform is Microsoft .NET Framework. Server sides of projects are usually implemented in C#. Client sides – in JavaScript or TypeScript with help of jQuery, ExtJS, AngularJS and so on. We like XSLT.
For data storage use MS SQL Server. Have experience with MS Azure.

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